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With over 25 years as an investor, mentor, research associate and healthcare professional I have a proven passion to achieve the best for, my family and my community. I believe that there is a clear correlation between tension about money and deficient physical and psychological health. In fact, a study done by Mortgage Professionals Canada, reports that buying a new home is the second most stressful life decision that Canadians could make in their lifetime. Still, nearly 80 percent of us believe that we would be financially better off as a homeowner backed by market data proving the long term growth of real estate, outperforming most modes of investing across Canada.

I believe a seasoned investment advisor and a loan specialist can have a significant impact on growth of individual's or corporate portfolio. By joining one of Canada’s top mortgage brokerages, I am dedicated to work on your behalf and help you find the best Mortgage or loan solution. We can provide you with an unbiased opinion and select the most suitable lender based on your financial situation. We have access to Lenders that exclusively deal with us and specialize in mortgage financing for individuals including new comers and self-employed individuals.

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